Monday, July 11, 2011


HUNTER: A THRILLER is now out in its print edition. You can order the trade paperback at this link.

Other news:

As of this morning (July 11), HUNTER hit #4 on Amazon's "Top Rated in Romantic Suspense" titles, based on reader ratings. And this morning it was also down to #46 (from #75, just days ago) on "Top Rated in Mysteries and Thrillers."

A nice way to start the week.

And today, the final print-edition proof arrives. If it's good, I'll authorize orders to start ASAP, and come back here to give you a link.

As you may know, HUNTER is already available as an ebook. And you do NOT need a dedicated "ereader" device to order and read an ebook. You can download and read them on your home computer or laptop, your Blackberry, smart phone, etc.

The ebook editions of HUNTER can be ordered in all the following formats, for just $3.99:

* For the Kindle

* For the Nook

* For other dedicated ereaders, such as Sony Reader, Kobo, etc.

* For devices that can double as "ereaders," including PCs, Macs, iPads, Blackberries, palm devices, Android phones, iPhones, other smart phones, etc.

These sites -- the Kindle Store,, and Smashwords -- allow you to download sample chapters of the book, too, before you decide to purchase.