Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Big 6" Publishers Cheating Authors Out of Royalties

There's no gentle way to put this: A number of "Big 6" publishers are cheating authors out of their royalties, big time. And a blogger has caught them in this fraud. Read the sorry details here, and in this follow-up post.

This is dynamite stuff -- and all the more reason for writers to self-publish.

Why All the Fuss About "Atlas Shrugged"?

Here's a web page that answers that question. It also links to a number of my own writings about Atlas Shrugged -- including essays on the ideas and literary merits of the novel, an internal timeline of the story events, and a list of its characters.

Not just for Rand geeks, this page is also for those simply curious to discover why there's so much enduring controversy about this unusual story and its author.

UPDATE: 423 theaters now, and climbing rapidly. Check for a theater near you.