Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HUNTER is now available for sale online

HUNTER: A Thriller is now alive and ready for downloading on, as a Kindle ebook. It is also available in a trade paperback edition at

Also, for those without a Kindle (and who don't want to download free Kindle apps, to read it on other devices), you can purchase the book at Smashwords. Smashwords supplies the iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, Kobo, and many more outlets and devices.

Also, the Nook version is now available at the Barnes & Noble online store. The print edition will be available in less than two weeks.

Thanks, everyone, for your encouragement and support.


Mrs. Mac said...

Sweet. Ordered. It's next in line for reading. All the best, Robert!

Robert Jones said...

Congratulations! When will the paperback issue be released?

Robert Bidinotto said...

Mrs. Mac, I'm grateful. Thanks so much for your interest and support.

Robert Bidinotto said...

Robert Jones -- The paperback is finished except for the back cover. I estimate about two weeks before it's available on Amazon. I think you'll like it. The book designer did a great job.