Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And now the Legacy Publishers are sweating bullets

This speaks for itself. And it should explain why I'll be self-publishing Hunter: A Thriller, rather than going through the New York publishing house "query-go-round." 

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Robert Bidinotto said...

WSJ took down the link to the full article, but it basically said what my headline indicates. Publishers are scared witless over the rise of indie-published, inexpensively priced ebooks at Amazon. The article focuses, as an example, on indie thriller author John Locke, whose royalties on Kindle alone hit $126,000 just during the month of March. That's an order of magnitude higher than he was earning just a few months ago. Locke prices his ebooks at just 99 cents, and his profit share is 35 cents per sale. In short, he sold over 380,000 ebooks in March to hit that income level.

Any puzzle why the Big 6 publishers are sweating bullets? How do they keep their existing authors happy if they can make in one month more than most publishers are offering in advances forever?